A world and european archery multiple medalist, currently creating magical realism through art to show the world things they would not have seen otherwise.

Looking for new ways to nurture self-expression and struggling to fit into the smothering routines of mainstream society I started using photography to reflect and challenge norms of our society. As an image maker I’m looking for unique and innovative ways to explore themes such as identity of young generations, dynamics of tradition, culture and body.

I see art as ability to unmask emotions, unfold everyday scenes, shape humans ideas, understanding and see beyond the facade. My work is mostly experimental and a bit quirky.

Currently applying to visual arts programs.

Founder of Sericum, Paula Wyczechowska

E-mail: wyczechowska.p@gmail.com

Location: Boston, MA, 02125, United States

Phone: +1-857-361-6412